Upgrade to ARTz•ID V2


For SkiSwitcher 2, 3, and

ARTz•ID v1 customers.

• After you make your purchase you will receive a download link with the ARTz•ID V2 documentation. After I confirm your customer status I will then send you the full install for the system.

• Includes the nameX app.



• Articulation ID-based system, up to 127 articulations per track.


• Supports Keyswitching, Multi-Timbral MIDI, UACC, Vienna Instruments, Kontakt Quick Load, Orchestral Tools Capsule, EXS-24, Cinematic Studio Strings & Brass, and Cinematic Strings 2. Fully compatible with Vienna Ensemble Pro.

• Specialty Scripts let you combine multiple patches and patch types!


• ​Live articulation-switching from your main controller or dedicated MIDI device such as a mini keyboard, TouchOSC setup, Lemur, or ComposerTools.

• Includes the nameX app.



• Available to SkiSwitcher & ARTz•ID version 1 customers.

• Automate the process of extracting articulation names from Scripts and creating Articulation Set files specifically suited to your articulation switching device.

Default Articulation feature not normally available to Logic users!