NameX is designed to save you huge amounts of time and effort! It extracts articulation names from your Scripts and creates Articulation Set files containing those names so they can be viewed in Logic's editors.

• A custom-designed standalone app for Mac OS X for SkiSwitcher 2 & 3 and ARTz•ID version 1 customers running Logic 10.4. NameX is also  included with ARTz•ID Version 2.

• Ridiculously easy to use.


• Transfer Articulation Names from Scripts into Articulation Set files in seconds.

• Creates Articulation Set files that activate Logic 10.4's articulation name displays in the Event List, Piano Roll, and Score Editor, and the Score Symbol attachment feature.


• Articulation Set files generated by nameX will be specifically tailored to respond to your articulation-switching device. And if that's not enough, functions built into the Articulation Set completely replace the function of the Macro in SkiSwitcher and ARTz•ID Version 1 systems, thus simplifying the operation of SkiSwitcher/ARTz•ID projects.

• Articulation names are fully editable before saving.

Default No. -- a special feature not ordinarily available to Logic users! Lets you decide which articulation a patch will wake up with.

Articulation Name Transfer Utility 


Articulation Set Creator


The Full Story and Inspiration Behind nameX...

Anyone using SkiSwitcher or ARTz•ID will have likely entered articulation names into Scripts so they can monitored in the Standby and Live+Track displays. Until Logic 10.4 was released, we could only dream of being able to see those names appear alongside notes in the Event List, or in the Piano Roll or Score Editor. But as of Logic 10.4 this is now a reality!


But Logic can't extract names from Scripts. It needs to find them in a new kind of file: an Articulation Set file. NameX lets you easily create Articulation Set files from the names you've already entered into Scripts with two clicks! 

Articulation Set files are more than just a list of names... When a file is loaded into an instrument channel, it activates Logic's Articulation Set system for the instrument. This provides the in-editor articulation name displays, and the automatic score symbol attachment feature. But most importantly, it performs the tasks previously performed by the Macro, embedding articulation ID's into your notes in response to the keys or buttons you hit on your articulation-switching device. As a result, these little files become a complete replacement for the Macro in all SkiSwitcher & ARTz•ID systems! 

So not only will nameX automate the process of creating Articulation Sets for you, it will help streamline older SkiSwitcher and ARTz•ID version 1 projects by eliminating the Macro.