Get the notes of your music to select their own articulations.

ARTz•ID V2 is designed around the concept that articulation information should come from one source:  the notes themselves. So now, just as pitch and velocity are read from a MIDI note the instant it plays, so is the articulation information -- resulting in flawless articulation selection from any playback position. 

And when you click on notes in the Piano Roll, Score, or Event Editors, each one instantly sounds with the correct articulation. Copy, move, or quantize notes and the articulation information moves along with them.

Specifically designed for Logic 10.4.


Access up to 127 articulations per track.


Multi-Purpose Script

For driving any keyswitching patch, multi-timbral MIDI patches, EXS-24 and more!

The Combinatrix

A favorite script amongst ARTz•ID users that lets you combine both keyswitching and single articulation patches in the same plugin and play them all from one track! Lets you significantly reduce "track creep" by consolidating multiple patches on one track and addressing them all seamlessly. If used withVEPro you can combine articulations from multiple libraries on the same track!

The Singularity

A multi-timbral, multi-track setup that lets you combine up to 16 keyswitching or unlocked Spitfire palettes in one plugin and play each sound on its own track. Now you can bundle the members of your strings, winds, or brass family into one plugin instead of using the one-instrument-per-track approach.

Cinematic Strings 2 Multi

Loads all 5 main string patches in a single plugin and lets you address each instrument on its own track.

Vienna Multi-Matrix =8=

Combine up to 8 Vienna Matrices in a single instance of Vienna Instruments and switch through all of their articulations seamlessly on one track.

Vienna Single Custom 36

Individually choose whether each articulation in a Vienna Instruments patch responds to velocity or Xfade control of dynamics – completely polyphonically too! Supports up to 36 articulations in any X/Y configuration. 

Keyswitch + Layer (formerly the Capsule Script)

An indispensable script for driving Orchestral Tools Capsule, Kirk Hunter, and Spitfire patches that respond to multiple keyswitch notes for articulation selection or layer articulations. Additionally, it can be used to layer up to four sounds simultaneously on different MIDI channels (up to 24 different combinations).

Articulation Sets Powered! ARTz•ID V2 uses Articulation Set files as a “driver” on each instrument channel to embed notes with ID’s. For existing SkiSwitcher and ARTz•ID customers wanting to upgrade, that means no more Macro! And existing ARTz•ID version 1 customers will be glad to hear about the following improvements to the system:

- No more Articulation ID #0 warnings. Ever!

- No more Staxx Mode! All tracks are now equal, regardless of whether they live in a stack or not.

- Articulation Track Memory:  the last articulation you select on a track is remembered. No more "reminding" a track of which articulation you want to play.

ARTz•ID V2 is the upgrade path for both ARTz•ID version 1 and all SkiSwitcher users. Existing SkiSwitcher-based systems can be retrofitted quite easily with the included Retrofit Files. From there, you can add ARTz•ID V2 Scripts those projects or templates.

Works With:

  • EastWest Play

  • Kontakt 5 

  • Vienna Instruments with fully automatic X/Y switching

  • Vienna Ensemble Pro

  • Multi-Timbral Patches -- play all articulations on one track!

  • Orchestral Tools Capsule and other libraries that require multiple keyswitches per note

  • Spitfire/UACC

  • Most any Keyswitching Patch, including patches with split keyswitch configurations

  • Cinematic Strings 2, Cinematic Studio series Strings, Cinematic Studio Brass

  • Create "Hybrid Instruments" -- combine keyswitching or UACC patches & individual articulation patches from the same or different libraries in the same plugin and have them perform as a unified patch. Especially effective for combining Spitfire palettes with individual articulation patches.

for Logic 10.4