Not This!

When working with keyswitching patches, it’s not unusual (or pleasant) to hear passages play with the wrong articulations. This occurs because keyswitch notes don’t chase. And sometimes CC messages used to switch articulations (Vienna, Spitfire) don't track properly or get accidentally altered during editing.


ARTz•ID V2 solves this problem by embedding articulation information right into the notes so they select their own articulations as soon as they play. Experience perfect playback of your orchestration from any starting point.

Keyswitch notes are never recorded because they don't need to be. And for score editor users, the absence of keyswitch notes means notation is immediately legible even as you record!

This video demonstration shows the benefits of embedding notes with articulation information. It shows SkiSwitcher 2 in action, but ARTz•ID V2 works in exactly the same way.

This video will be updated in the near future to reflect ARTz•ID V2.